Monday, September 5, 2011

Tucker's 2 1/2

Our little boy is growing up so fast. Like all little kids, he's a sponge soaking up everything he can. And since he likes to sit and read so much, he knows his letters, his numbers (1-10 anyway), and he can even tell us what letter some words start with.

Some days, he likes to commentate on everything he's doing. Some of our favorite things he says include: "This one way better" which is confusing when he's not comparing it to anything else, like a lone towel. Like most toddlers, he uses the word "no" a lot, but when he needs to say "yes" he says "please" instead. I've only heard him say "yes" a handful of times, and only when forced. One thing that he's started doing that we don't like so much is calling us "Mom" and "Dad", rather than "Mommy" and "Daddy"; we're still not sure how this came about.

He's getting pretty good at making excuses for why he's out of bed after he's been put down for the night. Some of my favorites are: "I need to pee-pee", right after he just went; "I need a drink", when his full cup is already in bed with him; and "I need my monkey head" or "red camera" or whatever else the toy of the day is.

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