Friday, September 10, 2010

18 Month Check Up

Our little man is 18 months old already! He went to the doctor's on Wednesday and received a clean bill of health...and a couple of shots :( He weighs 25lb 11oz and is 32" tall (or at least we think since he was not being very cooperative during this time and wiggling around a lot). The doctor was concerned that Tucker isn't really talking, but Jason and I are pretty sure he's just a lot like his dad, who was a late talker. In other news, he's still doing pretty well in the toddler bed, although sometimes he likes to get up around 6:30 in the morning and come in to check on mom and dad. He used to sleep in until around 8:00, so this isn't something mom and dad are real crazy about, especially on the weekends. He helped dad put together his baby sister's crib yesterday and had lots of fun hiding under the crib skirt since the mattress is up high. He's getting pretty good at walking up the stairs while holding onto someone's hand. He loves being read to, he has lots and lots of books, but enjoys hearing the same books over, and over, and over.

Here are a few recent pics of what Tucker has been up to
Helping put the crib together for baby sister

On safari (or the Dallas Zoo)

Wondering who this crazy cat is???

We got a shipment of clothes in for Tucker's fall line and baby sister's beginning wardrobe courtesy of Meggie, so Tucker decided to help organize by pulling them all out and dumping them on the ground