Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome Cousin Max!

This is Tucker typing today, I am just so excited I learned how to use the computer to tell everyone my good news. My cousin Max finally arrived! He was born exactly 6 weeks after I came onto the scene and I'm so happy I have someone my age to play with. He broke his collarbone on his way out so he has to wear a sling for awhile, but soon we'll be wrestling around like little guys do. They tell me he has really long fingers and toes, but I only have mine to compare them to, so I don't really know. He was born on 4.14.09 at 2:26pm, he was 8lbs, 1oz and 20-1/4" long.Max and his mom

With all the excitement around Max's birth, my mom never got a picture with Max and his dad. That might have something to do with all the visitors baby-hogging the new kid. So here's a pic of me with Uncle Jeff.

Aunt Staci with her favorite nephew

The proud grandparents

Here are Max's LOOONG toes

Angel and Max

Max (with his stylish sling on) and me hanging out
Max is waving hi with his good arm

Here we are in our matching outfits, Max isn't real happy about playing dress up yet

Monday, April 13, 2009


This weekend Tucker went on his first road trip to celebrate Easter at his Great Grandma Heller's.
This pic pretty much sums up what Tucker spent his time doing for the 10 hour car ride - blowing bubbles and drooling.

What a pair - Great-grandma Heller and Tucker.

Grameggie and Grandad

Will and Tucker

Family Photo Time

Ruth, Will, Great-grandma Heller, Tucker, Holly and Caroline

Tucker went swimming for the first time at the hotel
Ahhh....the good life
Relaxing in the hot tub

At Easter Brunch with Mom and Dad

Anna Kate, Kathy, Helen and Tucker

Tucker with Great-grandma Heller and Uncle "Bud" Tucker

Had to get one with the hat...our little future golfer

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cousins Visit

This last weekend Mama, Papa, cousin Adam, and cousin Addy visited. We enjoyed a picnic at the park, but mostly we hung out around the house and relaxed.

Papa, Mama and Tucker

Mama, Jason, Ares, Addy, Adam and Tucker at the park where it was determined that it's kinda hard to get 2 kids, a dog and a baby to all look at the camera at the same time.

Chillin' at the park

I enjoy my tummy time