Saturday, July 31, 2010

Grand Lake 2010

Last week we went to Grand Lake and met up with the Miller side of the family for some rest, relaxation and boating! Tucker had fun hanging out with everyone, especially getting to run around with Cousin Max. It's still really hard to get pictures of the two of them both looking happy and looking at least in the direction of the camera, but we tried. Tucker got to room with Meggie and Grandad, so Jason and I got to sleep in a little too! Tucker wasn't a big fan of hanging out on the boat, but he enjoyed getting in the water and bobbing up and down in his life jacket. Jason got to practice his wakeboarding and surfing and I even did a little myself being 5 months prego. I just didn't do all the cool jumps and flips that I normally do...LOL!One of the few pics I got of Tucker on the boat.

Holding down Max long enough for a pic

Relaxing out back

Hanging out with Daddy. Tucker has really become a Daddy's boy lately. At first I was a little sad about it, but it is kinda nice to give my arms a break every once in a while.

O'Daniel Family photo on the deck

Loving the kid-sized chair

Max and Tucker trying to get away from Grandad

Staci and I found a Bentley

Tucker inspecting the fishing pole with Erica and Meggie

This isn't from the lake, but I had to include it because Papa O'Daniel shaved off his mustache for Tucker's sake and we may never see him clean-shaven again. We got to stop and see Jason's parents on the way back since they were dog-sitting for us.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Test Run

We will be going to the lake next week and it occurred to me that Tucker hadn't worn a life jacket since last summer. So when he was playing in his splash pool with about 2" of water and his dad about a foot away from him, I decided that he could wear his life jacket so he could get used to it.
The jacket is a little back-heavy, so he tumbled over a few times with it. But what do you expect? The boy's only been walking for a few months now!